Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring things

     Energizing Indiana Home Energy Assessments can help raise your home's performance, lower energy bills, improve in-home air quality and increase your home's value. Complete an enrollment form and Energizing Indiana will call to schedule your appointment. Your energy advisor will install the following items for you: Energy efficient CFL's, Energy efficient faucet aerators and showerheads, and Water heater pipe insulation. Energizing Indiana programs are funded by utility rates and there are no separate fees to participate.
      Call Judy Church (Lake Shores resident) at 478-6757 for an enrollment form. They will also be available at the April general association meeting. When your assessment is complete, Energizing Indiana will donate $25.00 to First Christian Church, 4800 S Calhoun St, as a nonprofit organization.

     We have been advised by the police department to be aware that during spring break vandalism is usually on the rise. If you notice anything unusual or suspicions please call 911. Also, after the fact please report any vandalism to police. One resident did have a pipe bomb or fire crackers explode in the mail box several weeks ago. This is an example of an incident that needed to be reported to police and it was. So often we are tempted to just say "oh, well" and take care of the damage. You can always call 427-1230 for non-emergencies.

     Spring Garage sales: April 25-26
     General Meeting: April 28 @ 7:00 p.m. Avalon Missionary Church West building.
           If you are in favor of snow removal by the association, please plan to attend as we will be voting on this issue at the meeting.
           Jean Wyss, a master gardener, and the judge for our yard of the month, will speak on Native plants and rain gardens.
           Register for a chance to win a gift certificate to the stand.

     Thursday, June 12  Call president Walt Halley @ 747-0165 to sign up.

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