Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Congratulations to Jerry and Lois Branstrator at 915 Aylesford Dr (east side) and Larry and Shelly Koelper, 1619 Lakewood (west side) the Yard of the Month Winners for June.  Thanks to all the homeowners who are doing such a nice job in keeping their yards and homes looking nice. It is a lot of work but helps keep our neighborhood attractive and increases the value of our area.

A huge thank you to Jim Johnson for organizing the painting of the fire hydrants project in our Association! Those that have been painted so far look wonderful! This project should be completed by mid July. Thanks also to those that have offered to paint the hydrants. This is yet another way to keep our neighborhood attractive and safe. The fire department will have no problem locating the brightly painted hydrants.

Avalon Missionary Church, located in our association has a Paper Gator bin in their west parking lot. The money they receive for recycled paper is used for their food pantry. Taking your newspaper, magazines, and junk mail (no cardboard) to this container would be appreciated and help feed the hungry.

PLEASE BE AWARE: There have been some attempted break-ins in our neighborhood. Officer Josh Franciscy was asked about this. He will make sure units at night are aware of what is going on. If any residents notice anyone suspicious make sure to call 911 right away so officers can get in the area as soon as possible. They have a suspect in mind but so far have not been able to catch him.

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