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                                                                 February 2013                                

General Meeting
The next General Meeting of the Lake Shores Community Association will be Monday, April 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will convene at the Avalon Missionary Church on Premier Drive.

Guest Speaker
Our speaker will be Deputy Chief Steve Reed of the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Other Business
We will discuss the status of the tree replacement program: how many trees still need to come down and how many more we can expect to receive.

We will also discuss the prizes for next year’s Christmas competition.

Get Involved
We always welcome and encourage people to get involved in our association. If you are interested, please contact Walt Halley or any of the board members.

Holiday Decoration Winners
Congratulations to the following residents who were chosen as the winners of this year’s Holiday Decoration Competition. Thanks for adding a little beauty to the Holiday Season:

East Side:

1st Place
Ralph and Sandy Tuttle at 1026 Aylesford

2nd Place
– Jason and Audra Sartain at 939 Ardis

3rd Place
– Donald and Cheryl Connett at 921 Hollyhill

West Side:

1st Place
– Gary and Betty Markley at 6737 Hiltonia

2nd Place
– Marvin and Judy Bransteter at 1716 Shoreview

3rd Place
– Bill and Kay Bailey at 1904 Lakewood

2013 Association Dues
The Association dues for 2013 are $25 and were due in January. If you have not yet paid your 2013 dues, please do so as soon as possible. There will be an asterix (*) next to your name on the mailing label if your 2013 dues are paid.

A form for Dues payment has been provided at the end of this newsletter.

Welcome Committee
If you know of new neighbors help us formally welcome them to Lake Shores. Please notify Pam Trittipo, the chairperson on the west side, at 478- 1539 and Barb Rice, the chairperson representing the east side, at 747-5596.

We are in the process of preparing the new directory so if there are additions or corrections please contact Walt Halley at 747-0165.

Help us save postage
Let us know if you would like to receive your newsletter by email. After the last newsletter, a number of the emails came back as undeliverable so please make sure we have the correct email address.

The Lake Shore Community Blog
Remember to check out the Lake Shores Community blog at the following address: http://lakeshoresblog.blogspot.com/

Dirt and Flower Program
We will be repeating the Dirt and Flower programs for dues-paying members at Broadview Florist on Winchester Road. Learn more at the general meeting.

Be a Good Neighbor

Great neighbors are one of the things that make Lakes Shores a wonderful place to live. Continue to look out for one another. As you take a walk on the nice days to come, stop and say hello and introduce yourself to neighbors you haven’t met. Also, remember that good neighbors take proper care of their pets; monitor their barking, clean up after them on your walks and be sure they are properly under control at all times. 

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Lake Shores Community Association Dues                                                Amount: $25.00

Name:                                                                                                                                      Due Jan/Feb 2013
Telephone Number:                                                    
Name as Listed in the Directory:

_____ Please send my Newsletter via email at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________

Make checks payable to: Lake Shores Community Association and mail with this form to:

Lake Shores Community Association
Attn: LMN
1024 Shoreworth Trail
Fort Wayne, IN  46819

Lake Shores 2013 Calendar

Bi-Annual General Association Meeting                           April 22nd at 7:00 PM

Spring Garage Sale                                                         April 26th and 27th

Flower and Dirt Program at Broadview Florist                  The Month of May

Yard of the Month                                                          June, July, & August

Fall Garage Sale                                                             Sept. 27th and 28th

Bi-Annual General Association Meeting                           November 11th

Holiday Decorating Contest                                        December, 2013                                                                                                                                 

Your Lake Shores Community Association Officers and Board Members
President:                     Walt Halley                  1525 Lakewood Drive             747-0165
East Vice President:    Vacant
West Vice President     Tony Landon               1320 Shoreview Drive             747-6110
Treasurer:                    Lucille Nahrwold         1024 Shoreworth Trail             747-2960
Secretary:                     Barb Rice                     1020 Crestway Drive               747-5596
Board Member East:
Brian Seiy                                1023 Shoreworth Trail             747-1595                                
Dawn Seiy                               1023 Shoreworth Trail             747-1595
Judy Sterling                            928 Clayburn Drive                 747-2281                    
                        Jim Johnson                             824 Ardis Drive                       747-9091
                        Carolyn Johnson                      824 Ardis Drive                                   747-9091                                                                    
Pam Thomas                            1725 Lakewood Drive             747-1007
                        Dave Schlie                             6716 Monterey Court              747-7702
Dan Wyss                                1606 Lakewood Drive             747-0883
                        Chris Hawkins                         1406 Shoreview Drive             747-4852
                        Doug Bohs                               1720 Lakewood Drive             747-0322

            Advertising for Garage Sale                 Tony Landon                          
            Christmas Contest                               Pam Thomas & Lucille Nahrwold
Newsletter and Blog                             Chris & Mel Hawkins
Refreshments for Meetings                  Judy Sterling
Signs for Garage Sale & Meetings        Brian & Dawn Seiy
Welcome                                             Barbara Rice & Pam Trittipo
Yard of the Month                               Dan Wyss

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