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Lake Shores Community Association Newsletter

September 2012                                

Garage Sale
The Lake Shores Association Garage Sale will be held September 28th and 29th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Association Meeting
The Bi-Annual meeting of the Lakeshores Community Association is schedule for November 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Avalon Missionary Church (on Premiere Dr). Topics will include:

Guest Speaker
Our speaker for the meeting will be Judge Ken Scheibenberger who is in charge of Drug House Ordinance Enforcement.

At this meeting the following board and officer positions are to be elected. President, Financial Secretary, and Vice-President along with three board positions on the west side and two board positions on the east side.

All individuals interested in serving as an officer or board member are encouraged to contact Walt Halley to get on the ballot.

2012 Association Dues
A number of residents have yet to pay their dues for the current year. The Association dues for 2012 are $25 and were due in January. If you have not yet paid your 2012 dues, please do so as soon as possible as they are past due. If you are not sure if you have paid, an asterisk next to you name on the mailing label of this newsletter indicates that dues have been paid.

A form for Dues payment has been provided at the end of this newsletter.

Tree Replacement
We will still have seven trees that we can replace. If you would like to have a tree, contact Walt Halley.

Welcome Committee
Pam Trittipo is the new chair person representing the west side on the Welcome Committee and Barb Rice remains the chair person representing the east side. If you are aware of new residents please notify Pam at 478-1539 or Barb at 747-5596.

Old Tires
If you have old tires, we now have a way to dispose of them. Please contact Walt Halley for information.

Help us save postage
Let us know if you would like to receive your newsletter by email.

The Lake Shore Community Blog
We have set up a blog to provide Lake Shores Residents with up-to-date news and information about the Lake Shores’ community. The blog can be found on the internet at:

Yard of the Month
Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Yard-of-the-Month Award.

East Side:

June –
            Larry and Lucy Dafforn
            6720 Winchester Road

            Dan and Terry Anderson
            6817 Heatherton Dr.

            Dan and Terri Maucher
            6814 Heatherton Dr.

West Side:

            Skip and Pam Sandels
            1515 Shoreview Dr.

            Tony and Pat Landon
            1320 Shoreview Dr.

            Bill and Kay Bailey
            1804 Lakewood Dr.

Thank You!
Thank you to whomever removed the orange paint from our “Lake Shores” sign.

Great neighbors are one of the things that make Lakes Shores a great place to live. Continue to look out for one another. As you take a walk on the nice days to come, stop and say hello, introduce yourself to neighbors you haven’t met. Also, remember that good neighbors take proper care of their pets; monitor their barking, clean up after them on your walks and be sure they are properly under control at all times. 

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Lake Shores Community Association Dues                                                Amount: $25.00

Name:                                                                                                                                      Due Jan/Feb 2012
Telephone Number:                                                     Email:
Name as Listed in the Directory:
Make checks payable to: Lake Shores Community Association and mail with this form to:               

_____ Check here if you wish to receive the Newsletter via email.

Lake Shores Community Association
Attn: LMN
1024 Shoreworth Trail
Fort Wayne, IN  46819

Lake Shores 2012 Calendar

Fall Garage Sale                                                                                                           Sep 28th & 29th

Bi-Annual General Association Meeting                                                                                  Nov 12th

Holiday Decorating Contest                                                                                        Dec 16th thru 22nd

Newsletters                                                                                                                  Four time per yr
                                                                                                                                    (Exceptions as needed)

Your Lake Shores Community Association Officers and Board Members
President:                     Walt Halley                  1525 Lakewood Drive             747-0165
East Vice President:    Vacant
West Vice President     Tony Landon               1320 Shoreview Drive             747-6110
Treasurer:                    Lucille Nahrwold         1024 Shoreworth Trail             747-2960
Secretary:                     Barb Rice                     1020 Crestway Drive               747-5596
Board Member East:
Brian Seiy                                1023 Shoreworth Trail             747-1595                                
Dawn Seiy                               1023 Shoreworth Trail             747-1595
Judy Sterling                            928 Clayburn Drive                 747-2281                    
                        Jim Johnson                             824 Ardis Drive                       747-9091
                        Carolyn Johnson                      824 Ardis Drive                                   747-9091                                                                    
Pam Thomas                            1725 Lakewood Drive             747-1007
                        Dave Schlie                             6716 Monterey Court              747-7702
Dan Wyss                                1606 Lakewood Drive             747-0883
                        Chris Hawkins                         1406 Shoreview Drive             747-4852
                        Doug Bohs                               1720 Lakewood Drive             747-0322

            Advertising for Garage Sale                 Tony Landon                          
            Christmas Contest                               Pam Thomas & Lucille Nahrwold
Newsletter and Blog                             Chris & Mel Hawkins
Refreshments for Meetings                  Judy Sterling
Signs for Garage Sale & Meetings        Brian & Dawn Seiy
Welcome                                             Barbara Rice & Pam Trittipo
Yard of the Month                               Dan Wyss


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